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Thank you to all the people who helped me along the way (directly or indirectly) Kurt and Kevin @Gorilla Pool, Jack Pitts, Jack Liu, Joshua H., Calvin A., Dr. Wright, the entire CoinGeek team, all of you at Unbounded Capital, my Twetch friends, the amazing people at nChain and the BSVA, SirToshi, ZeMing Gao, zer0dt and so many others. This journey was better thanks to all of all of you. Thank you...
@zer0dt helped me move these 21 bitcoin back to my wallet. Now they are getting locked for a good while. Love the site guys, keep up the great work!
hodlocker.com is officially publicly open-source under the GLP-3 License: https://github.com/zer0dt/hodlocker Looking forward to what's built on top of the codebase! It's using the latest version of NextJS canary with Partial Pre-Rendering and the homepage feeds are using "Parallel Routes". Would be nice to have a loading spinner show instantly when clicking on the different feeds but there's...
Gm Lockers. #10BitcoinInitiative Please join me in locking 1 bitcoin for 1 year by loo liking this post in appreciation for @Zer0dt and all he has done to bring us HODLlocker—the best killer Bitcoin app ever! I would like to see this post get up to 10 BSV. Add however amount you can for 1 year which will be block 861960 at time of writing. LESS GOOO 🚀🚀🚀
21 bitcoin locked to this post and I launch replies
⚠️ BACK UP YOUR RELAYX MNEMONIC ⚠️ We will be updating the wallet page with easy unlocking today. The unlocked funds will be sent to your relayX address so make sure you have this backed up. It will be a one-click process, no need to fund another address for mining fees. Mining fees will be deducted from your unlocks.
https://www.etsy.com/shop/KashmirBazaar Hello frens and future billionaires. I'm the Bitcoin Jeweler on Twetch (46113) Everything in my shop is 33% off when paying with Bitcoin. I buy vintage jewelry with Bitcoin as well. If anyone has any questions about gemstones or jewelry, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you to Jack, Josh, zer0dt and all the OGs for keeping the dream of Bitcoin alive.
Zer0dt We love you brotha ❤️ I have no doubt that this temporary setback will only make all of us stronger and cooperate better. My locking resolve is still stronger than ever. Can’t wait for that 1 click loo like to come back with a vengeance. Keep calm and cook on! 🧑‍🍳
You can now create custom topic sublockers on hodlocker.com! Go to the sublockers tab ("h/all" tab by default) and click the + sign to go to the Topic Sublocker Creation form and pick a name and ticker. What topics will have the most locked content??? 🤔