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Day 100 of 100 locking 🔒0.1 Bitcoin to block 1,000,000.💎🙌🐉 Would say something profound but let’s just go with lock & chill and touch grass
Locking these bitcoin cause I can and it gives me a nice internal smile knowing that it’s pissing off all the no coiners 😂 how cool this app actually is. Only brighter and better things going forward for hodlocker🔒
Price matters a depreciating asset does nothing to inspire creativity within a system. An appreciating asset attracts attention no matter what the crowd who say bitcoin works at $5 say
Sitting watching the Rugby World Cup waiting on the game between my home country Ireland ranked No. 1 v South Africa ranked No. 2. So instead of a bet on the game I will lock 1 bitcoin for every 10 points Ireland score with an additional 1 bitcoin for a win. These coins to be locked until the next World Cup in 4 years time.
Locking on bitcoin is CHI (Combined Human Intelligence). AI is sold on a false premise as it’s machine learning algo’s which compared against combined human creativity will never compete imo
Day 2&3 of locking 🔒 0.1 bitcoin to block 1,000,000 for 100 days. The dopamine hit of posting while saving bitcoins imo is underestimated at the current price it may not mean much to some in fiat terms but in relation to the limited supply even small amounts locked are significant in relation to total supply so saving bitcoins into the future has both the potential of higher or lower fiat val...
Day 35 of 100 locking 🔒 0.1 Bitcoin to block 1,000,000. 💎🙌
Day 68 & 69 of 100 locking🔒 0.1 Bitcoin to block 1,000,000. 💎🙌🐉
Day 84&85 of 100 locking 0.1 Bitcoin to block 1,000,000.💎🙌🐉