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https://www.etsy.com/shop/KashmirBazaar Hello frens and future billionaires. I'm the Bitcoin Jeweler on Twetch (46113) Everything in my shop is 33% off when paying with Bitcoin. I buy vintage jewelry with Bitcoin as well. If anyone has any questions about gemstones or jewelry, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you to Jack, Josh, zer0dt and all the OGs for keeping the dream of Bitcoin alive.
No one decides the value of Bitcoin except US. I've let my Etsy listings expire, because I have no interest in trading my loot for nasty little fiat rat turds anymore. This jewel can only be bought with 250 BSV. I will be uploading all my merch to Twetch in the coming days and weeks. Please join me when you're ready to build a real economy and stop fucking around.
You don't grow cukes? 🥒 We bankrupt you!
Craig is probably sipping a daiquiri on a private island right about now. Regardless of what you think about Craig, no one can deny that he made Bitcoin more entertaining. Regardless of whether he came up with a single idea himself, he breathed life back into Satoshi's vision and showed us anything is possible when you have a massive cuke 🥒 and a work ethic that puts the pilgrims to shame. If y...
Bitcoin will be the first form of money backed entirely by cukes 🥒
Creg showed us something more important than keys. It's a big ole cuke 🥒 that hangs down to his knees. 'Build!' he said. And stop fucking around! We need a marketplace, and 21 million seeds in the ground. Don't get distracted by shitcoins and lizards. Tear down the curtains and laugh with the wizards. 🧙 Sure they may have, a giant stash of nukes, but that's only to compensate for their total...
That's because we're not faggot fiat chasers.
Until the avatar issue here is fixed and @jack starts to give a damn about customer service, I'm going to have to focus my efforts on Twetch (46113). For anyone serious about manifesting hyperbitcoinization NOW, please consider a membership in the Church of Fronktology. We are giving away 12 handsome fronks (including one exotic) over the next year. The jewel seen below (12 ct tourmaline, 18K gold...
Anonymous posting has got to go. You wouldn't leave your front door open so any bum or saboteur can wander in and take a dump on your floor. Lock if you agree that posting should be reserved for RelayX account holders.