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Thank you for the spaces covering the trial, Zack Wins, and now Jerry David Chan, and thank you to everyone else involved, speaking, and keeping them going. Also, Jack, give me my Rarecandy mints to use as avatars on Hodlocker, it will lead to HBC, final exponent.
Orderlock -> Buying and Selling of Tokens Loolock -> Locking Satoshis until Block for costly signal and primitive Difficulty lock -> Bitcoin options trading Difficulty perps -> Bitcoin futures trading Atomic swaps -> Bitcoin spot trading and on/offramp
The probability that BSV is the real Bitcoin is closer to 10%. The market needs to reprice to that.
We need login with Twitter and have free posting (if we can’t have free posting just have profile locking send a bit of sats to them (like 100 sats)
Jack is the dumbest china man i ever seen I advise u to get a job and stop scaming bsv community with shitty products and communist bullshit
Thank you to all the people who helped me along the way (directly or indirectly) Kurt and Kevin @Gorilla Pool, Jack Pitts, Jack Liu, Joshua H., Calvin A., Dr. Wright, the entire CoinGeek team, all of you at Unbounded Capital, my Twetch friends, the amazing people at nChain and the BSVA, SirToshi, ZeMing Gao, zer0dt and so many others. This journey was better thanks to all of all of you. Thank you...
@Jack said "App feeling a bit boomer We all got to keep cooking No limits I’ll match any lock up to 50" Jack I'm gunna do 50.